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How We Develop Athlete's Is Beyond Training

Coach Dennis

Founder, Author, Speaker
Dear Athlete,

The season is almost here. And whether you are looking to build off of this past year or looking to develop into the complete athlete, The Athletic Zone would like to offer you a brand new perspective into your current training program.

Conveniently located at 423 Singleton Blvd Dallas TX 75212, our objective in simple. We want to make your athletic dreams achievable. We know how it is.

Far too often, you may find training days slip by without you even noticing. 

Our Brand New spacious gym is clean, well-maintained and has all of the equipment you need for athletic training.

We are not a large corporate gym and instead of facing the chaos of a crowed regular fitness gym, you now have the opportunity to TRAIN and not just workout with other regular people. 

Our professional coaches and trainers will design an athletic plan just for you so that you can take full advantage of athletic coaching. Here is a list of the things we do here at the Athletic Zone:
- Adult functional training classes 
- Youth development classes 
- Small group training 
- Personal Training 
- Rentals
- Sports performance all levels

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Hope to see you soon!

Coach Dennis

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